Ten States Have Adopted Model E-Bike Legislation

Ten states now have the same e-bike law with minor variations. California led the way in 2016, followed by Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and the most recent state to adopt, Connecticut. Bills are pending in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

With e-bikes the most rapidly growing segment in the U.S. bicycle market, the need to harmonize legislation across the 50 states and categorize e-bikes into three classes has been led by the BPSA, PeopleForBikes and E-Bike Committee chair Larry Pizzi from Raleigh Electric for the past four years.

In 2015, the coalition mobilized manufacturers and suppliers to establish e-bike classifications based on the product sold in Europe and consistent with U.S. federal regulations around e-bike manufacturing and sales. E-bikes were organized into three classes, which separated low-speed e-bikes from higher-powered vehicles and simplified the process of establishing regulations around the use of each class.

The more states that adopt the model, the easier it becomes for other states to follow suit. A big thanks to the tireless efforts of the BPSA E-Bike Committee, the PeopleForBikes policy team, and the funding provided above and beyond membership dues by 20 companies.