March 2014 IBD Sales Summary

Sales Rebound After Slow Start To Year

After a down beginning to the year, IBDs posted growth for the first time in 2014. Compared to March 2013, all merchandise sales gained 3% in units and 4% in dollars to total $255M. The month’s gain mitigated early year losses and left first quarter sales even with last year at $546M.

While up 13% in units and 5% in dollars to $135M, bicycle sales proved to be a mixed bag. Road bikes continued their steady decline, shedding another 8% to settle at $47M. Twenty six-inch mountain bikes dropped 18% to $11M and 29ers slipped 8% to $22M.

Positively, 27.5-inch MTBs leapt from just over $100K in sales last March to an impressive $6M. The wheel size accounted for 15% of the month’s MTB dollars compared to 56% for 29ers and 28% for 26-inch wheeled models. Transit/fitness (+21% to $27M) and lifestyle/leisure (+33% to $7M) bikes also enjoyed large gains. Children’s bikes posted double-digit growth too, up 24% to $8M.

Compared to March 2013, helmets (+23% to $8M), shoes (+6% to $7M) and apparel accessories (+4% to $5M) gained while apparel (-2% to $11M) fell.

With the notable exception of tires/tubes, up 10% to $12M, nearly all subcategories negatively contributed to aftermarket part’s overall 1% decline to $43M. Aftermarket accessory sales grew 3% to reach $46M.

March 2014 vs. March 2013:Dollar Sales

• All Bicycles: +5%
• Road Bikes: -8%
• Mountain Bikes: +21%
• Transit/Fitness Bikes: +33%
• Lifestyle/Leisure Bikes: +6%
• Shoes: +6%
• Apparel: -2%
• Aftermarket Parts: -1%
• Aftermarket Accessories: +3%