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Our goal for 2016-17 is to grow the BPSA to 125 members. This gives us more funding to improve our programs as well as more clout in Washington. Join your industry trade association and we all benefit!

BPSA: Your Source For Industry Statistics

BPSA provides the statistical information that you need to keep up and succeed in today’s dynamic industry.

BPSA: Your Source for Representation

BPSA provides a unified voice for members to speak out on the legal and legislative issues that impact our industry.

BPSA: Your Source for Safety

BPSA provides Owner’s Manual content to bicycle manufacturers in many different formats to help ensure we are all protected from risk.

BPSA: Your Source For Industry Education

BPSA’s education resources such as BLC provide companies of all sizes with real-life, hands-on information that they can apply to their businesses.

BPSA: Your Source For Industry Cooperation
BPSA’s partnerships with other organizations include joint efforts on advocacy, bicycle promotion and cost savings through combined import shipments and trade show discounts.

BPSA: Your Source for Industry Discounts
Join BPSA and save money! Our primary offering here is an 8% discount on Interbike booth space at Mandalay Bay. We also offer a substantial discount on BLC attendee fees.

Membership Categories

Membership in BPSA is open to companies who serve the IBD market in the
following categories:

Supplier Members:
Any firm, a majority of sales of which is bicycles and/or bicycle parts and accessories to Independent Bicycle Dealers, shall be eligible to be a Supplier Member. For the purpose of the BPSA Bylaws, “Independent Bicycle Dealer” is defined in accordance with the Bylaws of the National Bicycle Dealers Association as entities whose gross sales of bicycles and bicycle related parts, accessories and service represent at least 50% of their business.

Vendor Members:
Any individual or firm which (1) is not eligible for Supplier Membership, (2) which is engaged in the manufacture or which represents a manufacturer of bicycle parts or accessories and (3) which sells such products to Supplier Members, is eligible to become a Vendor Member of the Association.

Affiliate Members:
Any individual or firm which (1) is not eligible for Supplier or Vendor Membership, and (2) has an interest in learning about and/or supporting the US bicycle industry. Affiliate members pay $1,000 per year in dues no matter what their company sales. Journalists, advocates and financial analysts fall into the Affiliate category.

Annual Dues

(July 1 – June 30 fiscal year)

Under $1.5 million $1,000
$1.5 – $5 million $2,750
$5 – $10 million $4,500
$10 – $50 million $7,000
$50 – $100 million $12,000
$100 – $500 million $15,000
Over $500 million $20,000

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