Owner’s Manual Version 10 Released

BPSA Owner’s Manual content is licensed to bicycle manufacturers, saving each company money and time climbing the legal learning curve.

This manual, written by Tom Franges of Interskill and reviewed by numerous reviewers and legal counsel, is designed to provide bicycle purchasers with truly understandable information about their bicycles. The manual cannot be used or applied without signing the licensing agreement and paying the licensing fee to the owners’ manual fund.

The material provided in the manual is generic and can be used as a core for your company manual. Your must review the manual to ensure that its statements are appropriate for your products. All companies who use the manual can enhance the material by including brand specific sales, marketing information, or additional information they deem appropriate.

The initial license fee for using the owner’s manual is $3,000 for non-members with a discount price of $2,000 for BPSA members.

In addition to this initial fee, all companies who use the manual will be charged in subsequent years an annual license fee ($2,000 for non-members, $1,500 for BPSA members) which will be used to support updates to the manual as well as administrative and legal costs associated with the program.

The copyright for the information in the manual is owned by the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA). Any company who elects to use a manual must sign a licensing agreement with the BPSA. The licensing agreement is available for your review from BPSA headquarters. The manual cannot be used without signing and returning the agreement.

The manual is available on camera ready print form, or in a variety of electronic forms. Please contact BPSA headquarters if you require additional information.