BPSA Pushes Back on Tariffs

When the Trump administration announced the new round of proposed tariffs on June 14th, including a 25% burden on Chinese-made electric bikes, the BPSA, led by QBP’s Matt Moore, took immediate action.
The very next day Moore, the Chair of the BPSA Legal Committee, joined a conference call with key members of the BPSA Board as well as PeopleForBikes representatives in both Boulder and Washington DC.
On the call, a detailed discussion of the proposed tariff took place and strategies were devised to oppose them. The BPSA and PeopleforBikes are taking the lead to file formal comments and provide testimony against the proposed tariff on e-bikes.
Importantly, there is virtually no US production of e-bikes beyond assembly of foreign-sourced components and the tariffs would do more immediate harm to consumers, retailers and suppliers than they would to preserve or create jobs for Americans.
Stay tuned to your e-mail and the BRAIN website for information on how you can help the BPSA and PeopleforBikes to protect your interests in the rapidly shifting reality of current disruptive Federal policies.