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BPSA Pushes Back on Tariffs

When the Trump administration announced the new round of proposed tariffs on June 14th, including a 25% burden on Chinese-made electric bikes, the BPSA, led by QBP’s Matt Moore, took immediate action.
The very next day Moore, the Chair of the BPSA Legal Committee, joined a conference call with key members of the BPSA Board as well as PeopleForBikes representatives in both Boulder and Washington DC.
On the call, a detailed discussion of the proposed tariff took place and strategies were devised to oppose them. The BPSA and PeopleforBikes are taking the lead to file formal comments and provide testimony against the proposed tariff on e-bikes.
Importantly, there is virtually no US production of e-bikes beyond assembly of foreign-sourced components and the tariffs would do more immediate harm to consumers, retailers and suppliers than they would to preserve or create jobs for Americans.
Stay tuned to your e-mail and the BRAIN website for information on how you can help the BPSA and PeopleforBikes to protect your interests in the rapidly shifting reality of current disruptive Federal policies.

Ten States Have Adopted Model E-Bike Legislation

Ten states now have the same e-bike law with minor variations. California led the way in 2016, followed by Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and the most recent state to adopt, Connecticut. Bills are pending in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

With e-bikes the most rapidly growing segment in the U.S. bicycle market, the need to harmonize legislation across the 50 states and categorize e-bikes into three classes has been led by the BPSA, PeopleForBikes and E-Bike Committee chair Larry Pizzi from Raleigh Electric for the past four years.

In 2015, the coalition mobilized manufacturers and suppliers to establish e-bike classifications based on the product sold in Europe and consistent with U.S. federal regulations around e-bike manufacturing and sales. E-bikes were organized into three classes, which separated low-speed e-bikes from higher-powered vehicles and simplified the process of establishing regulations around the use of each class.

The more states that adopt the model, the easier it becomes for other states to follow suit. A big thanks to the tireless efforts of the BPSA E-Bike Committee, the PeopleForBikes policy team, and the funding provided above and beyond membership dues by 20 companies.

Statistics Program Expanded

BPSA’s decade-long partnership with the NPD Group has resulted in the best statistical information in the history of the industry being made available to BPSA members.

By measuring the sell-in of product to suppliers, than monitoring the sell-through of bikes and accessories through a network of 650 retailers, industry executives are making better forecasting decisions than ever.

In the recently renewed contract between BPSA and NPD, Statistics committee chair Bernie Doering of Stages Cycling negotiated a key piece that’s essential to understanding the overall bicycle market: What’s called ROM, or Rest Of Market data.

“While our costs with NPD have risen, we’re glad to dedicate some of our member’s dues contributions to get data from Amazon, Walmart and other retail outlets that we haven’t previously tracked,” Doering said.

Supplier Seminar Series at Interbike

The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association has worked with Interbike to develop an expanded Supplier Seminar Series during the show this fall. Here’s the lineup, we hope to see you all there!

What’s Going On? There’s no single factor in our recent industry challenges. How can we innovate beyond them?
1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19

• Bob Margevicius, Specialized
• Andrew Kempe, Shimano
• Rich Tauer, QBP

Statistics: What do we know about our consumers and the flow of product? How can this help us?
2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept, 19

• Jennifer Boldry, PeopleForBikes
• Dirk Sorenson, NPD Group
• Bernie Doering, Stages Cycling

E-Bikes: One of our industry’s bright spots. How do we keep charging ahead in sales and legislative progress?
1:00 p.m. Thursday Sept. 20

• Larry Pizzi, Raleigh Electric
• Ed Benjamin, Light Electric Vehicle Association
• Claudia Wasko, Bosch eBike Systems

Getting More Kids Riding: Laying the foundation for lifelong ridership is key to our industry’s future. Who’s making progress here?
2:30 p.m. Thursday Sept. 20

• John Munhall, Giant Bicycles
• Ryan McFarland, Strider

BPSA Expands E-Bike Training, Partners with NBDA

At the June 12 BPSA Board meeting, two proposals to expand the Charged Up e-bike staff training program were approved for funding in 2018-19. BPSA in partnership with Straw Hat Pictures of Arvada CO will produce an extension of the original Charged Up program launched in March 2017, with the new videos focused on the three-class system and increased e-bike sales, acceptance and use.

The $10,000 funding comes half from the BPSA Education committee and half from the E-Bike committee. For the first time, BPSA will create Charged Up content for consumers, to be rolled out for free use on supplier, retailer and advocacy websites and related social media and other marketing platforms.

BPSA’s Board also voted to commit $10,000 to an e-bike training program in conjunction with NBDA and Barnett Bicycle Institute titled, Setting Up Your Shop for E-Bike Success. BBI general manager Jeff Donaldson explained the need: “There are some definite differences in assembling, testing and servicing e-bikes. We want to give shops some simple guidelines to make it easy to get started and be more successful with e-bikes.”