April 2014 IBD Sales Summary

Modest Growth that Started in March Continues

Independent bike dealers grew merchandise dollars 2% compared to April 2013, reaching $366M. Units and average retail-selling prices each rose just under 1%.

Bikes 5% unit growth pushed dollars up 2% to $204M. ARSP dropped 3% due to road bikes 10% plummet to $1,458 per unit, the lowest since June 2011. The price drop for roadies did little to spur unit growth, which increased 2%. Road dollars dropped 8% to $66M.

Mountain bike dollars rose 2% to $57M despite the 4% unit contraction. All of the growth came from 27.5-inch-wheeled bikes’ tenfold sales increase to $7M. Twenty-niner dollars fell 5% to $32M and 26-inch models declined 15% to $19M.

Helmet units surged 26% over April 2013, lifting dollars 23%. Shoe units and dollars rose 6% and 3%, respectively. Apparel dropped 9% to its lowest April level in at least three years, $15M. Aftermarket parts dollars declined 2% to $57M while accessories rose 2% to $61M.

Year-to-date, IBD merchandise dollars rose 1% to 911M. Every major category saw dollar growth of 2% or less with the exception of parts, where dollars declined 4%.

April 2014 vs. April 2013:Dollar Sales

• All Bicycles: +2%
• Road Bikes: -8%
• Mountain Bikes: +2%
• Transit/Fitness Bikes: +15%
• Lifestyle/Leisure Bikes: +6%
• Shoes: +3%
• Apparel: -9%
• Aftermarket Parts: -2%
• Aftermarket Accessories: +2%