The BPSA has seven standing committees, each chaired by one of our volunteer Board members. Electric Bicycles, Safety, Legal & Legislative, Statistics, Bicycle Leadership Conference, Education, and Marketing.

Our committee structure allows important work to proceed in each of these areas between our quarterly Board meetings.


Electric Bicycles

Chair: Larry Pizzi, Currie Technologies and Accell North America

The E-Bike Committee works to update state laws governing the use of e-bikes across the U.S. In many states, e-bikes lack a specific vehicle classification and it is unclear how they are regulated. Our goal is to clearly define Class 1, 2 and 3 e-bikes as bicycles and provide sensible roles for their use so that consumers and retailers are not confused about their state’s e-bike law and the public is encouraged to take advantage of the benefits that e-bikes offer.

Through the combined efforts of BPSA, PeopleForBikes, lawmakers, advocates and retailers, 10 states have adopted model three-class legislation: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington, and another “19 in 2019″ are planned.

“I am very pleased that we have been successful at bringing the bicycle industry together with advocacy groups to speak with a unified ‘electric bicycle’ voice” said Larry Pizzi, committee chairman. “While we have much work to do, we have made fantastic progress towards our goals since the formation of the committee.”

The work of this BPSA committee is strongly supported by the PeopleForBikes Business Network and contributions from Trek, Shimano, Bosch, SRAM, Yamaha, Accell North America, Bafang, Bulls, Fox, Giant, Schwinn, Pedego, TranzX, Brose, DT Swiss, EMotion, Focus, Kalkhoff, genZe, Specialized, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Falco, Fantic, Foldaway Solutions, M1 Sporttechnik, Tempo, Tern and Verde Communications.



Chair: Bob Margevicius, Specialized

The main function of our Safety committee is to generate Owner’s Manual content. BPSA has been creating the industry-standard Owner’s Manual content since 1990. The content is licensed to bicycle manufacturers annually, saving each company tens of thousands of dollars and time climbing the legal learning curve.

Version 11 of the content was released in early 2018, to an enthusiastic reception by industry companies such as Specialized, Giant, CSG and 20 more.

Joe Hawk, COO at Haro Bikes, is an enthusiastic Owner’s Manual user. “It’s great having the BPSA offering cooperative programs like the Owner’s Manual licensing program,” Hawk said. “Having a fantastic resource like this not only saves us a lot of money but more importantly allows us more time to spend on other important innovations that help keep our business competitive.”

Safety Committee chairman Bob Margevicius of Specialized gave the rationale for the update. “The new Version 10 does two things,” noted Margevicius. “It covers some of the new technical aspects like disc road brakes and through axles, and we also did some wordsmithing, making it more readable and user-friendly.”

Participation in Owner’s Manual licensing has grown quickly. “We had a 50% increase in licensing revenue last year,” stated BPSA Executive Director Ray Keener. “This is mainly due to more and more small companies coming into compliance with industry regulations. We have a licensing discount for newer, smaller BPSA members that’s really resonated.”


Legal & Legislative

Chair: Matt Moore, QBP

The BPSA is looking out for your interests on a variety of fronts. From Washington, DC to state capitols, attorney Matt Moore of QBP and his team are THE industry watchdogs.

World-class regulatory and government affairs law firms like Venable and Mayer Brown share their expertise with a group of 20 industry attorneys from BPSA member companies.

Currently, this committee is working hard on tariff reductions for bicycles, e-bikes and bike componentry and accessories, disseminating information to our members about Prop 65, and engaging in ongoing efforts to reform the CPSC bicycle regulations.

Support these efforts and share in the success!



Chair: Bernie Doering, Stages Cycling

The BPSA has always taken the lead in tracking sales and inventory levels for the IBD channel. Early efforts involved faxed reports from just a few members. Today, BPSA sell-in data tracks nearly 90% of bicycle sales to IBDs from 18 of the industry’s largest suppliers.

NPD Group is the world leader in sports sales tracking. BPSA has contracted with NPD since 2009 to collect data on supplier sell-in to IBDs and sell-through to consumers. Bernie Doering of Stages Cycling, chair of the BPSA Statistics committee, leads this important program.

“This is the best data we’ve ever had to look back and to look forward,” noted Doering. “No other global cycling market has this quality of information. Make sure you have the same tools as your BPSA member competitors.”

In our never-ending quest to keep up with new industry categories, BPSA recently began tracking 27.5-inch mountain bikes and has also incorporated electric bikes and fat bikes in the reporting.

BPSA sell-through gathers data from over 600 US bike retailers to complete the picture of our sales channel, from factory to consumer. For example, in 2016, it was clear from studying both data sets that retailer inventories remained under control, while suppliers suffered from too much. Accessory tracking improves each year as well.

A new and expanded three-year agreement between BPSA and NPD for 2018-20 means that members will now have access to rest of market (ROM) data, including Amazon, Walmart, specialty web sellers and sporting goods giants like Dick’s.

Bicycle Leadership Conference

Chair: Pat Hus, Huspa Consulting

The Bicycle Leadership Conference, owned by the BPSA and held in conjunction with the Sea Otter Classic, is our industry’s premier visioning and networking event for suppliers, advocates and media.

Informative panels and speakers are blended with frequent networking opportunities, bike rides, relaxed and delicious mealtimes, industry awards, the annual BPSA membership meeting, plus fun bike rides and recreational opportunities for families and spouses.

“The BPSA is taking on the critical industry issues at the BLC,” stated Adam Micklin, BPSA President. “You’ll join your fellow industry leaders and take an active part in shaping the future.”

“You need to come to BLC and forward the conversation. And bring your future company leaders to prepare them for their roles. Make sure your voice is heard in the industry chorus.”

“Plus it’s a heck of a lot of fun,” Micklin concluded. All industry citizens welcome, discounted rates for BPSA members. Learn more about the current and future BLCs at


Chair: Andrew Kempe, Shimano

Through the annual Bicycle Leadership Conference, the BPSA has been involved in Education for over two decades. The recent addition of two new programs prompted the formation of a BPSA Education committee, chaired by Andrew Kempe, to manage this growth area for BPSA.

The two new programs are e-bike training for the global retail community, and the Supplier Seminar Series at Interbike. With the launch of the Charged Up training series in March 2017 on the Myagi training site, BPSA established a leadership position in this critical industry growth category.

Many BPSA member suppliers also adopted the content for their own training sites, with Giant and Shimano translating the videos into several languages for global use. New content to be launched in late 2018 includes a partnership with NBDA and Barnett’s to help repair shops gear up for e-bikes.

The Supplier Seminar Series enters its third year at Interbike, with our strongest-ever lineup to be held on September 11 and 12 at the show in Reno. Check out the schedule here, hope you will attend!


Chair: Pat Hus, Huspa Consulting

While the BPSA develops and expands its programs, we continue to get better at marketing our message to current and potential industry members.

Central to that effort are Marketing chairman Pat Hus, Creative Director Matt Karaus from Gravity Communications and Executive Director Ray Keener.

Upgraded marketing includes a new website, detailed Annual Reports each year, quarterly e-mail updates to members, and a fresh set of branding print and web ads in BRaIN.