Bicycle Product Suppliers Association

740 34th St., Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: 303-442-2466
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Why Join BPSA?

Membership in BPSA gains your company access to:

  • Participation in the BPSA statistical report.
  • Monthly (or more) legal updates - stay on top of CPSC, tariff and other updates
  • Participation in the BPSA Owners Manual program. The manual, written by Tom Franges and reviewed by numerous reviewers and legal counsel, is designed to provide bicycle purchasers with truly understandable information about their bicycles. 
  • Tariff Advisory - produced by BPSA Legal Counsel for use by BPSA members only.
  • Participation in NAW Membership Programs.
  • Access to the Bicycle Leadership Conference. Details are available at

Call BPSA Headquarters at 303-442-2466 to keep your membership active and continue receiving membership benefts from BPSA.